Thursday, October 19, 2017

One shoe drops

After looking at this dramatica.discuss post by LunarDynasty, I realized that the right types (especially the lower right ones) just feel inherently unsatisfying.

They're like the Dominant/Subdominant in Music (instead of the Tonic).

They're like the question.

They're a ball in the air.

It is weird and unsatisfying to end on them.

"Have you written your book yet?" Nah, I'm just writing, you know, practicing.

"Do you understand this?" Nah, I'm still learning the basics.

"Did you change for the better?" Nah, I'm still trying things out, dipping my toes in this and that.

"Do you know how we can do this?" Nah, we're still at the idea stage of things.

You could possibly find some sort of argument about the Ability/Thought elements, variants and types being more... "suspended" than Knowledge/Desire ones.

Right Type Endings (TM) feel like Dramatica Sequel Bait (TM). It seems like making them satisfying and not anti-climactic requires strong story telling more than anything story encoding can provide.

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